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I am a husband and a father of two and I enjoy raising my children in Dallas.  I coach little league sports for my son and I love taking my daughter to gymastics.  My wife and I have been married for well over 15 years and we love dining out and traveling together.  She is a pediatric plastics Physician Assistant here in Dallas and I could not be more proud of everything she does on a daily basis.  


I treat my clients like family and really enjoy getting to know people to build relationships that last beyond my time helping as an advisor.


Business Advisor

I have worked with management teams of both public and private companies to review and build their organizational structures and business plans to meet their objectives. Asset protection, risk reduction, branding or just simplifying are all goals I've helped management teams meet in their planning and organizing requests. I work well with your corporate counsel, tax professionals and management to create a concerted effort to protect and build client companies. I have had experience organizing, writing and building companies and the people that make them go.

Business/Team Development

Building teams and building business. These are so simple but yet so difficult to most companies. My experience in an eat-what-you-kill environment has helped me build and work with great teams. The same social attitude helps build companies through networking and opening doors to clients. Keeping several social groups really helps open doors and create business relationships that last.


Every company needs to be relevant and needs to build its brand and learn to market it effectively. I spent 20 years helping clients built identities and I have had the opportunity to grow with social media and help management teams integrate social media into their marketing and branding strategies. I am a self taught web designer and have now built numerous websites for clients looking for a simple modern site they can use to build their brand.

Education; why I bleed orange

I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a BS in Finance in 2001. I started as an Accounting major but found myself dreading the life of an accountant as I enjoyed the creative and analytics within Finance. I lucky enough to be chosen as a Business Scholar Leader, which not only help pay my way, but it helped me build amazing relationships with other members and staff as we traveled Europe and studied international business throughout.


Coaching youth sports has become such a major part of my life. It has allowed me extra time with my son and the joy of helping he and his friends grow and build friendships. I also cherish being a leader for these kids and to watch them learn and build strong personalities. I developed the website for one of our local preschools and help with marketing/branding. As opportunities arise I love taking on volunteer roles to help build our community.


My family and I are members at Church of the Incarnation in Dallas where I serve as a service volunteer and sit on the finance committee. I am an active PTA member and stay active in our local elementary. I am President of Mockingbird Dads Club, a nonprofit created to support our local elementary and community. 

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